Politically Correct Stories

Since my significant other’s surgery last week, he has had a lot more time on his hands.  He wants to talk politics with me, since I am always around asking if he’s okay or needs another round of meds.  I have always been one to stand back and watch a situation before jumping into it.  I don’t know who I’m going to vote for and may not until I mark my ballot in November.  The e-mail forwards are in full force right now, and I usually peruse them and then press DELETE.  I don’t forward much of anything.  I don’t believe that I’ll be struck down by a meteor if I don’t or that my e-mail address will make its way back to Bill Gates and consequently be paid $1B, so if you don’t hear from me after this blog, I was wrong.

I’ve been trying to find a new book to read since last week.  I ordered Twilight on line (my daughter borrowed it from a friend and then decided to start buying them with book #2, so I’m waiting on a backorder).  I’ve been searching my bookshelf because I often buy a bunch of books by one author when I’ve found a book by them I like.  I just can’t remember which ones I’ve read and which I haven’t.  Kind of sad, huh?  As I was perusing, I came across Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, a book that was published back in the 90’s.  I love fairy tales and I found this book a riot when I first read it.  I decided to find out if the author had put out any other books (or “processed tree carcasses,” as he calls them).  His website says he’s got 4 others, and 3 are out of print.  I should check if the local library has them, but my husband and I are book fiends, so I’m checking Amazon as I type here.  There’s a teaser about his most recent book, Recut Madness: Favorite Movies Retold for Your Partisan Pleasure, just enough to make me want to know what happens next.  So, they are on their way, hopefully not backordered so I don’t have to wait until Christmas to read my next book.  I guess I could read one of the books on my shelf; if I’ve forgotten whether or not I read it in the first place, I guess it won’t matter much.


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  1. Hey,
    Yeah, I find myself looking at books in the library to see if I can remember if I have read them or not.
    Right now, I am trying to get through Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Dana said these are very good books. I am in about 45 pages and am having a hard time being enthusiastic at this point.

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