Balancing Act

While we lived in Guam, our family saw a Chinese circus perform.  I didn’t expect a lot when we bought the tickets, mainly because Guam doesn’t usually attract the big names.  But after the first couple of acts, I was thoroughly impressed.  These were really great performers, balancing things and people on top of one another and in the most unlikely postions.  Their bodies twisted and turned in ways bodies are not meant to be twisted and turned. 

Yesterday, when I picked up my oldest son from cross country practice I asked him how his day was, a question I ask everyday.  He said it was fine right off the bat but then contracted it by saying that this year is a lot harder than he thought it would be (he’s a high school junior).  He’s gotten to the higher maths and sciences and in all honors classes on top of that.  And then, there’s a girlfriend in the mix as well.  He’s a good student, as evidenced by his honors level, but has to work for it.  Some kids can naturally absorb information and ace their tests; I always envied those kids in school.  I had to study as well.  But now I am glad I was/am that way.  I saw what it did to kids like that; they were so smart, they didn’t care about a lot of things because they didn’t have to work for them. 

Two weeks into school, my son is realizing summer vacation is over, and he can’t surf the internet or play games or talk to his girlfriend for hours on end each night.  He’s got to create a balance.  My husband and I feel lucky that he’s got a good work ethic.  He cares if he did poorly on an assignment, quiz, or test.  It seems to make him work harder.  I hope that he continues on that path.  I see his younger sister and brother on the same path as well.  I relate to my oldest son a lot; I am an oldest child of 3 as well.  Until I was an adult, I didn’t realize how much my sisters looked up to me, hopefully in a good way.  As much as they quarrel at times, I know that my younger two look up to their brother also.  My husband and I stress to him that the actions he takes are being carefully watched by them.  Sometimes, I know he doesn’t like that.  All the pressure is on him, and I know it doesn’t seem fair.  I have to remember that, since I was in his position (not too long ago). 

We all have a balancing act of some sort in life.  I have 3 children who each play a sport, each are in the band or chorus at school, 2 are in scouts, one is in braces, and then there’s always the occasional hiccup, like a husband who has hip surgery just as the sports season starts.

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