The Swamp

Everything in our house stops on Saturday afternoons when college football comes on.  If one of our kids just happens to have an event of some kind at the same time that the Florida Gators are playing, then the dvr is cranked up.  It is scheduled to record any UF game that is broadcast anyway so that my husband can replay or fast-forward at the needed times.  If he hasn’t seen any of the game yet because we are out at one of the kids’ sporting events, Lord help the person who starts telling him the score.

My kids got a real treat last weekend by going to their first football game in the Swamp.  Sometimes the noise can be so loud in there that you can barely hear the person right next to you.  It is awesome.  My mother-in-law has season tickets each year.  I can tell when she’s been to a game when I call to talk to her and she sounds like she’s got laryngitis.  My husband and I both grew up in Florida and attended UF.  And a lot of family members went there as well.  My great grandfather was one of the first graduates at the school of dentistry there, and my husband’s grandfather graduated from and then was the dean of the college of journalism in the 70’s.  So we can’t help it; we’ve got orange and blue blood.

This weekend we don’t have to worry about any kid events interfering with UF football.  Hanna has been dumping her rain on us, and it is a night game as well.  So we will all be glued to the tube tonight while my husband occasionally yells at it. 

When the military has taken us overseas, we have missed watching a lot of games.  We would get an occasional game if we had access to the Armed Forces Network, but they were often delayed, or if shown in real time, it was in the middle of the night for us.  We lived in Europe when the Gators played in the BCS National Championship game a couple of years ago.  It was the wee hours of the morning local time when the game was being played.  My husband found the game on a radio station through the computer, and he plugged in a pair of headphones so that he wouldn’t disturb the rest of the family while we slept.  Even though I couldn’t hear the game, I woke up to him jumping up and down and cheering in our 3rd floor apartment.

Go Gators!

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One response to “The Swamp

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    We just got in from my mom’s house and I was so praying that we got in before the game let out in Gainesville. You know how I love traffic….NOT!!

    I am going to add your address to my blogroll. I try to post once or twice a week, but sometimes, I just don’t.

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