So, I am new to the blogging world.  I should have started journaling ages ago. Our family is the poster child for the motto “Join the military and see the world.”  I should have written about all of our travels; now I just have pictures and memories to rely on.  Maybe I will try to get things that I can remember down in words over the next few months; it would be a great account for my kids when they are older and especially for when they don’t remember places because they were too young.  We’ll have a new chapter to start next summer when my husband retires from the military, so that will bring new things our way.  I am always looking for new and better ways for all I do, so I’m thinking my opening the door to the blogging world might show me new ideas. 

Right now, though, our focus is on the new school year, and what it brings.  New classes, new teachers, new sports, new friends, new seasons, new bloggers…


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  1. Richard Berrye

    Thanks for the �modified� honest food guide. I think that you are right on with the changes here! I just may have to print this off and hang it in the kitchen to keep it all in mind.

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