T’was the First Day of School

T’was the first day of school, and all through the house

Not a child was present, not even my spouse.

All the kids’ lunches packed and their backpacks also,

I sent them to school with a kiss and said, “Go!”


Although quite silent the house seemed all day,

I managed and cleaned and got all the bills paid.

I had lunch with my hubby; what a bonus was that!

No “Stop it!” or “Quiet!” or “Stop calling your sister fat!”


Then at 4 pm sharp the buses came back

Dropping them all off with their backpacks.

I brought them inside and we talked about school.

The first day was easy; all the teachers seemed cool.


Now they’re all tucked in, all snug in their beds,

In hopes that tomorrow brings smart thoughts to their heads.

And hubby and I are also tired here,

So we wish you sweet dreams and a great new school year!


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